• China Capital Cup 8 v 8 Lacrosse Tournament


  • June 7th-9th, 2019 . Beijing —— 2019年6月7日-6月9日·北京

    What is the Capital Cup?

    Since 2015, the Capital Cup has been one of the sustained trademark lacrosse events in China. The Capital Cup began as a rival match between the Beijing and Shanghai’ lacrosse clubs. Each year since then, the two teams gather to duke it out in China’s capital city.


    But with every year, comes new challengers. 2018 saw the entry of Beijing and Wuhan university teams.


    This year Capital Cup is expanding to welcome teams from across the region and abroad!

    The Capital Cup aims to bridge cultural gaps through the game, and offers options for tours to Beijing’s must see sights with the highest quality travel companies in the business. Teams can choose from:

    -Secluded Great Wall hike

    -Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven

    -Summer Palace

    -Hutongs and Inner City

    -First Evening Beijing Food Tour

    Tournament Breakdown

    8 vs 8 tournament: 2 Attack, 3 Midfielders, 2 Defense, 1 Goalie.


    Field Size: 60x40m


    Game Play: 4x10min stop time quarters


    Tournament Play: Round Robin->Bracket Games


    Minimum Players per Team: 12 (inc Goalie)


    Divisions: Adult Mens, Adults Womens, Chinese College & U13

    Max Adult Mens Teams: 8

    Max Adults Women Teams: 8

    Chinese College Mens: 4

    Max Teams U13: 6


    Tournament team fee*:7500 RMB per team for adult, 3000 RMB per youth


    * The Capital Cup is a 100% not for-profit event. The revenue from the tournament is strictly used to cover costs for the direct tournament expenses. Any additional revenue will go towards growing the game in China.












    分组情况(该组球队最大数量):男子成年组(8),女子成年组(8), 大学在校组(4),13岁及以下组(6)




    Registration deadline:March 31, 2019


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