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2017年棍网球亚太杯将于今年6月在韩国济州岛举行。这项赛事将会是中国棍网球男队为2018年男子世界杯练兵和人才储备的重要赛事,赛事的筹备工作也已于近日开始。所有有兴趣参与亚太杯和2018年世界杯的球员,现在可以联络Ziyan Zeng 进行报名。

We will be sending a men's team to the #2017ASPAC tournament held in Jeju, Korea during June, 2017. This is an opportunity to play for the Chinese National Development program as they prepare for the #2018WC. All interested players for the ASPAC or 2018 World Championship should email today to see if they are eligible to play!

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