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2019ASPAC Women‘s Roster Announcement


The Chinese National Team has named the 18-player roster that will represent China at the Asia Pacific Lacrosse Union Federation’s Asia Pacific Championship that will take place in Gyeongju, Korea from June 20 – 29, 2019. This will also serve as the regional qualifier for the 2021 Women’s World Cup.

此次活动预计将有多达16支男女队伍参加比赛,使其成为有史以来规模最大的ASPAC锦标赛。 完整的队伍及工作人员名单、日程安排及相关信息将随后公布。

The event is anticipated to feature up to 16 teams across Men’s and Women’s competition, making it the largest ASPAC Championship to ever be conducted. Complete attendee lists, schedules, and information will be announced soon.

参赛名单是由教练和球队经理团队评估和讨论决定的,综合考虑到中国国家队需要派出一支有竞争力的队伍,并致力于在中国培养女性棍网球发展的宗旨。2019 ASPAC的阵容包括8名曾经参加2017年女子世界杯的球员,并有10名新球员强势加盟,一起代表中国前往庆州参赛。

The roster was built through a collective evaluation by the coaches and managers and with consideration to submitting a competitive team and one that will help to grow Women’s lacrosse in China. This year’s roster includes eight returning players from the 2017 Women’s World Cup team, and welcomes ten new players to take to the field for Team China.


Let’s cheer for our lady laxers this June! Roster as follows:

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