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Women's Team Recap for 2017 HK Open

by 丁圣雯

by Shenweng DING

四月最浪漫的事 是在海边看一场女神们的球赛

“生活 不会辜负每一个努力的人。”

——Xiao Xiao

Life will not let down any one who is going all out.”

——Xiao Xiao



Never will we forget that moment.

During the last minute of the game on April 16, 2017, our goalie, Jephanie, who won MVP for Team China during the tournament, nicely saved the shot of an opposing Team Singapore player. Team China finished third in the Hong Kong Lacrosse Open. At that time, we all knew the Chinese women’s lacrosse team was there to win rather than merely study from other teams.


The scores of the Hong Kong Lacrosse Open are as follows:

Day 1

中国队 vs 香港REP 1:16

中国队 vs 新加坡队 11:4

Day 2

中国队 vs 日本妈妈队 1:8

中国队 vs 香港YA 6:5

Day 3

中国队 vs 新加坡队 9:8

Day 1

Team China vs HK REP Team 1:16

Team China vs Team Singapore 11:4

Day 2

Team China vs Team Fun(Japan) 1:8

Team China vs HK YA 6:5

Day 3

Team China vs Team Singapore 9:8


The Chinese Women’s Lacrosse Team won third place of the whole tournament, winning three out of its five games, which is the best record for this team since their first appearance in the 2014 Hong Kong Lacrosse Open. With the systematic training led by Coach Morgan and Coach Jesse, players of Team China have practiced hard, for almost one year, since tryouts in June/July 2016 regardless of rain or frost. Through various kinds of workouts and practices, they have turned into a well-trained team. This summer, it will be the first time for Team China to stand on the highest stage of lacrosse at the FIL Women’s Lacrosse World Cup in England, less than eighty days away now. Wish Team China victory!


Some photos and quotes from Team China players about the 2017 Hong Kong Lacrosse Open are as follows:



(HKU Stanley Ho Sports Field)

超级荣幸和这么优秀的队伍一起比赛,太久没参加过一天两场的高强度比赛了,和球队在一起面对对手,随时都有很大的勇气 ”


It is really honorable to have a game with such great teams. Though it has been a long time to play two games in a single day, I will always have the courage to face my opponents when fighting on the field with my teammates. ”



(The teams joining in the game)

" 我真的是逐渐爱上这支队伍,想要和你们一直能够见面! "


"I am gradually feeling in love with this team and want to be with these girls all the time!"



(Goalie Jephanie saving a shot)

" 我的女神队友们,让我爱你们一辈子! "


“My dear teammates, you are all my goddesses! I will love you forever!! "


(图左 Xiao Xiao)

(Left: Xiao Xiao)

“ 被今年的香港队震撼到了,没有任何理由去拒绝成为更厉害的自己 。和姑娘们一起打球,和那么多人一起喜欢棍网球是最开心的事了”


“ I was shocked by the improvement of team Hong Kong this time. There is no reason for us to reject to become stronger players. How nice it is to play a lacrosse game with all my teammates and to share the love for lacrosse with so many people. ”


(图中 Yao Xu)

(Xu Yao catching the ball)

“ 和你们的第三年[比心] ”


“ The third year with all of you~ ”



(Players & Coaches)

"感谢我的教练们和队友们。继续努力。中国队加油! "


"Thank you to my coaches and teammates. Keep fighting. Way to go China! "



(Group Photo of Team China)

“ 她们真得令我很骄傲,赢得了香港棍网球公开赛的第三名。世界杯,我们来了!”

——Coach Morgan

“ So proud to coach these women. 3rd place at the Hong Kong Lacrosse Open. World Cup here we come! ”

——Coach Morgan


See you next April on the sea-view lacrosse field!

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